The MACnet Networks

The Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association provides you with convenient ways of marketing your business:

MACnet Classified Network
Reach 5 million readers every week!!  With just ONE call…  We make it convenient for you to call our office with our toll free number, 1-800-450-7227 or use our convenient online order form.

MACnet 2×2 Display Network
A SIZE FIT FOR ANY BUDGET! Our 2×2 Network Program provides a way in which to advertise a business card size ad in six different areas of coverage in the Mid-Atlantic region. The 2×2 network price is a predetermined area of coverage.

MACnet Display Network
Our Customized Display Network offers the most flexibility for you.

MACnet Insert Program
A PRICE RIGHT FOR YOUR BUDGET! MACnet offers a convenient way to place your single sheet 81/2” x 11” insert into our publications for only $40 per thousand wherever applicable.

MACnet’s Newest Network – MICRONETS help you reach to your targeted audience at an affordable rate in the Mid-Atlantic States.

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